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Are you self-conscious about your smile? Do you want bright, beautiful, elegant smiles?

A radiant, white, charismatic smile makes you look and feel great and can also make you the center of attention everywhere you go. With a bright white smile, you will feel more confident while talking or attending a special event.

Our expert dentists have been offering the best teeth whitening treatments to Frisco residents and nearby areas for many years.

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Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening In Frisco!

smiling womanOur teeth whitening service is one of the most popular treatments we offer because it creates such beautiful, amazing white smiles. Our Zoom Professional whitening can make your teeth shine brighter and remove stains in just one visit with our dentists.

Teeth Whitening Why Do I Need It?

Many different reasons cause your teeth to lose their former luster. One of the most common causes is consuming certain foods and beverages:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Red wine
  • Soda

These drinks contain chromogens that can stick to the enamel of your teeth. Tobacco use can also cause stains on your teeth, along with poor oral hygiene and certain medications. Age can also affect your tooth discoloration, as your enamel can become thinner and stained over time.

In some cases, genetic factors can make teeth more prone to staining. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings can help prevent and remove surface stains on your teeth and showcase your natural whiter teeth. Professional teeth whitening kits and treatments can take your teeth to the next level.

Schedule your completely FREE, no obligation, teeth whitening consultation NOW and start your journey toward a pearly white, charismatic new smile.

How Much Does Zoom Teeth Whitening Cost?

Teeth whitening at V Smile Family Dental is affordable, but the cost varies based on your specific needs. At our office, we want to ensure that each treatment we offer meets your oral health needs and helps achieve your dental goals. We custom design our unique teeth whitening kit and treatment plan to meet your unique dental needs.

We will take steps to make your treatments as budget-friendly as possible. We work with most insurance companies, and we even have in-house financing options, like Sunbit and CareCredit.

What To Expect From Your Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure

smiling woman and childZoom teeth whitening is a simple treatment that quickly improves the appearance of your smile. You will get rid of your tooth discoloration under the guidance of our skilled dentists at V Smile Family Dental.


You might be wondering how to whiten your teeth. During your teeth whitening consultation, we will discuss the many choices available for your customized treatment. After all, your smile is unique, so personalizing your treatment for you is a must!

Whitening Prep

After your initial FREE consultation, we will set an appointment date that best suits your schedule. Once you sit in our comfortable dental chairs, we can begin the teeth whitening treatment at this appointment. First, we will prep and cover your lips and gums so that we can treat only your teeth with our professional-strength Zoom formula.

Application Of Whitening Gel

Once we prep your teeth, we’ll apply the teeth whitening gel to them so they can shine bright! Next is the LED teeth whitening. We’ll shine an LED UV light on the whitening formula in 15-minute segments. This stimulates the gel, breaking down even your toughest stains.

Quick Results!

We will complete your treatment in less than an hour, and you will notice a brighter and whiter smile. We can also give you a take-home GLO teeth whitening kit for at-home care! That way, you can get a bright white smile in the comfort of your own home!

The bleaching agent won’t cause any side effects or tooth sensitivity issues in your mouth.

Schedule your FREE Teeth Whitening consultation today and amaze your family and friends with your confident, charismatic new smile.

Am I A Good Candidate For Teeth Whitening Treatment?

If you are curious whether whitening treatment is right for you, ask yourself the following:

  • Have my favorite foods (coffee, chocolate, or wine) stained my teeth?
  • Do I feel self-conscious when I am smiling?
  • Have over-the-counter teeth whitening products failed to deliver the results that I want?

If you said yes to any of these, you’re the perfect fit for our professional teeth whitening kit and procedures! Call our cosmetic dentist NOW at 214-872-2700, and we’ll give you a picture-perfect, charismatic, confident new smile!

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