Dental Bonding – White Fillings

Do you have old-fashioned amalgam mercury fillings? Don’t worry about the use of mercury in your silver dental fillings. Our expert dentists near you can replace mercury fillings with white bonding material. The composite material is stronger, more flexible, and lasts longer than mercury filling.

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At V Smile Family Dental, we aim to provide you with exceptional dental health. Our skilled dentists want you to get the smile of your dreams while ensuring your long-term optimal dental health. We offer dental services like bonding and white fillings material that match your natural teeth’ appearance and texture.

Our dental professionals can fix your broken or damaged teeth. You don’t have to worry about how it affects your smile or dental health. Our amazing cosmetic procedures can restore your smile, repair your teeth, and improve your dental health quicker than ever.

If you live in Frisco, TX, or surrounding areas, you can immediately fix your damaged, chipped, or broken tooth at our dental clinic.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a restorative treatment using biocompatible resin to repair damaged teeth. It successfully fixes dental problems caused by trauma, tooth decay, and cavities.

Dental bonding or composite bonding is a cosmetic treatment that can fix your teeth’s enamel and make them stronger. Being fast and affordable, and you can fix the problem permanently in one visit to our dental practice.

Our skilled dentists and dental staff use dental bonding instead of silver amalgam fillings to fix many problems that can harm your teeth, such as gum disease. You should consider dental bonding if any of the following apply to you:

  • Chipped, Cracked, or Fractured Teeth: If you damage your tooth’s enamel, it can lead to more serious issues. Keep your tooth safe by repairing the enamel with dental bonding. It can successfully restore chipped teeth and prevent cavities for a long time.
  • Gaps Between Teeth: Diastema is the clinical term for having too much space between teeth, and for most, it is a purely cosmetic issue. Gapped teeth can trap food and expose gums to harmful bacteria, raising the chance of periodontitis. With dental bonding, you can fill in your smile and eliminate this increased risk.
  • Short, Misshapen, or Discolored Teeth: Dental trauma, or genetics, can give some of us one or two “troublesome” teeth. It can be because of shape, size, or even tooth coloring. Dental bonding can easily address these troublesome teeth and give you the beautiful smile you deserve.

How Much Does Tooth Bonding Cost?

The price of teeth bonding depends on factors like the material, number of teeth, and crowding. These factors then influence the complication of material and overall treatment plan cost and time. We suggest you come in for a FREE consultation at our dental clinic so we can evaluate you thoroughly.

After your detailed FREE consultation, We can provide the exact treatment cost and price. Our highly experienced dentist will collaborate with you to meet your dental goals and provide you with a confident and charismatic new smile.

Emergency Dental Bonding

We can easily shape the resin in dental bonding to look like your natural tooth. It becomes strong when exposed to UV light, ensuring you maintain the best dental health for a long time.

We can repair damaged teeth in one visit, often within an hour!

This makes dental bonding the ideal solution to many dental emergencies. Don’t panic before a life event like a wedding, graduation, or family portrait because of a chipped or cracked tooth! Contact our dental office today, and we can give you a beautiful new smile, ensuring optimal dental health.

Natural Colored Fillings

The earliest tooth fillings are thousands of years old and made from beeswax. Fortunately, dentistry has made significant improvements since then. We have made these advancements to ensure you receive the smile and dental care you deserve.

To help you reach your dental goals, we offer white fillings with a much more natural shade, similar to our dental bonding.

Old silver fillings can release mercury. This can cause issues at school or work. It can also cause discomfort when consuming hot drinks or cold treats.

Get a beautiful smile with V Smile Family Dental’s modern dental solutions. Replace those old mercury fillings with white bonding material that looks and feels like your natural teeth.

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We can fix your damaged tooth and make it look like it did before. We will ensure that we achieve your dental goals.

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