Gum Disease Treatment Near You

Gum Disease Treatment Near You
Gum disease is a very serious dental problem that can affect your overall health. Gum disease bacteria can also lead to Diabetes, Heart Disease, Respiratory Disease, Cancer, and Alzheimer’s Disease, which many people don’t know.

Proper treatment is essential to protect your health and prevent serious health problems later. If you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of gum disease, contact us NOW at 214-872-2700, and we will do everything to protect your overall health.

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Our highly qualified dentists and dental staff offer complete dental care all under one roof, ensuring your comfort. We want you to get the amazing smile of your dreams while removing dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay.

Our office is conveniently located in Frisco, TX, and proudly serves the surrounding communities of Prosper, Little Elm, Celina, Aubrey, Oak Point, and The Colony. Our top-notch dentists supervise your dental health, so you never have to worry about it deteriorating.

What Causes Gum Disease and Periodontal Disease?

It is unfortunate, but gum disease is incredibly common worldwide. One study from the National Library of Medicine estimates that nearly half of all Americans will suffer from some form of gum disease by the time they reach age 40!

Genetics, dental hygiene, diet, medication, and even certain recreational activities like vaping or tobacco can increase your chances of developing gum disease. Why? Our mouths have sensitive soft tissue, like gums, that needs protection from hard tissue, like tooth enamel.

Harmful bacteria can reach hard-to-clean areas if our gums are irritated, or we don’t care for our teeth. It can grow and harden into plaque and tartar, causing more harm and possibly leading to significant tooth loss.

Is Gum Disease Dangerous When Left Untreated?

Many people believe gum disease is not a serious issue and does not require treatment. But in reality, that is the opposite of the truth. It stems from the fact that gum disease advances in stages, becoming a more significant risk with each step. You may need a bone that supports your oral health with bone grafting if the deterioration continues.

The first stage is called gingivitis. Symptoms can often be mild, such as swollen gums, bad breath, or bleeding when brushing your teeth. You can control gum disease in the beginning. Using mouthwash can help you eliminate gingivitis, and you can purchase it without a prescription.

If gingivitis gets worse and becomes a periodontal disease, professional treatment may be necessary because it can cause significant harm. Gum disease harms your mouth’s soft tissue and weakens teeth protection, such as the enamel. Gum disease can cause infections, cavities, tooth loss, and jaw bone deterioration if not treated promptly.

Several risk factors are associated with gum disease that can harm your gum line, gum tissues, teeth, and gums. It is important to take swift action to terminate this dental disorder properly. Contact our nearby American dental clinic for help with medium to mild gum recession. We will take care of all your dental requirements.

Why Do I Have Bad Breath?

If your breath smells (halitosis), then it could be because of poor oral hygiene. Failing to brush or floss frequently or not visiting the dentist regularly can result in issues with halitosis. This can cause plaque, tartar, and bacteria to grow on teeth, causing several other dental problems.

The infection or bacteria that causes gum disease can produce a bad odor in your mouth. Also, some medical conditions and medicines can cause mouth dryness, further deteriorate your breath. The best natural way to neutralize bad odors is saliva, as it stops mouth dryness and cleans the mouth with food particles.

Certain foods such as onions, garlic, and alcohol contribute significantly to bad breath. Also, the use of tobacco products can negatively affect your breath, teeth, and your overall health.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling, root planing, and deep cleaning are the best dental procedures to stop and prevent gum infection and gum disease. This is highly effective as it removes plaque, calculus, and bacteria from your teeth and teeth roots.

We want you to enjoy a charismatic, beautiful smile and maintain your oral health. The procedure can prevent gingivitis symptoms, bone loss, bleeding gums, gum recession, and gum swelling.

Schedule your completely FREE, no obligation Gum disease consultation NOW and start protecting your and your family’s overall health.

Why Choose V Smile Family Dental For Gum Disease Treatment?

Residents of Frisco, TX, and the wonderful communities surrounding it know that our office makes the greatest effort to provide every patient with only the finest care they deserve. V Smile Family Dental has the most advanced technology available to resolve dental health issues, including gum disease.

At our practice, we bring the future to you! Our soft tissue laser has been a fantastic success when treating even the most extreme cases of periodontitis. We can precisely target damaged tissue and eliminate the infection at the source.

We create personalized dental treatment plans to give you and your family the best possible care. In addition to laser therapy, we provide professional teeth cleanings, root scaling, planning, and home care kits that assist your dental health on your schedule.

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Many residents of Frisco, TX, and the neighboring communities understand that their journey to a healthy, beautiful smile begins with a call to our office. From addressing orthodontic issues with Invisalign clear braces to eliminating gum disease for a fresh, clean smile, we are here to help you and your loved ones!

Schedule your completely FREE, no-obligation gum disease consultation NOW and protect your family’s and friends’ overall dental health.

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