Prepless Veneers

At V Smile Family Dental, we provide a variety of streamlined dental treatments so you can get the smile you want—when you want it. One of the wonderful services we offer is prepless veneers, which can get you a brand-new, gorgeous grin in as little as two office visits.

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Incredible isn’t it? Our beautiful, prepless veneers (also called chairside veneers) can enhance the cosmetics of your smile while protecting your natural teeth. Contact our office to learn what this amazing treatment can do for your smile.

Beautiful, Prepless Veneers in Frisco, Texas

Prepless veneers differ from their permanent counterparts in a few ways. While they can both be described as ultra-thin protective shells that are placed on the outward surface of your teeth, prepless veneers do not need to alter the enamel of your teeth.

This allows the prepless veneer process to be completed quickly. Prepless veneers can also be removed at any time, giving you the option to pursue a different cosmetic dentistry treatment easily.

How Much Do Chairside Veneers Cost?

At V Smile Family Dental, each veneer treatment is completely unique because we customize it to the needs of the patient. Because each plan is individualized, the cost of the treatment varies. We will discuss the cost of your treatment during your consultation.

Our office staff still do what they can to get you the care you need in a budget-friendly way. We will work with your dental insurance provider if you have one; if you don’t, in-house financing through CareCredit® is available as well.

The Prepless Veneer Process

Cosmetic dentistry can often take a lot of time to get you a picture-perfect smile, but that isn’t the case with prepless veneers. This treatment is one of the quickest and most gentle ways to get a great smile that improves your dental health.

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Consultation: First, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your smile goals and we’ll review your medical records. After all, we want to make sure we understand what you want so we can deliver with the chairside veneers.

Exam: After the consultation, we’ll perform an exam. We’ll check your dental health and analyze your natural teeth to ensure your veneers will match the shape and shade of your natural smile. During the exam, we’ll also take digital impressions that will be used to make your veneers.

Veneer Manufacture and Placement: Afterwards, we just need to wait for the veneers to be made. Once they’re ready we’ll have you come back in and we’ll adhere them to your teeth. It’s as easy as that! In just two visits you can enjoy a brand new smile that will last 5–10 years!

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If you are interested in discovering what chairside veneers can do for your smile, there’s no need to wait. Contact our office today and schedule your consultation.

The Advantages of Chairside Veneers

While it is true that both chairside veneers and porcelain veneers can give you a brand-new smile in a short amount of time, some may prefer prepless veneers for a few reasons. The following is a list of just a few of the advantages you can receive when getting chairside veneers.

  • Tooth Protection: These veneers may be incredibly thin, but they are also incredibly durable. This allows them to protect your teeth from cracks and breaks, especially if enamel erosion is a concern.
  • Improved Cosmetics: Crooked, unevenly spaced, and even discolored teeth are no longer an issue when it comes to our amazing chairside veneers. When we say you’ll get a beautiful, brand-new smile we mean it!
  • Truly Quick and Carefree: Chairside veneers can be placed in as little as two office visits because there is no tooth preparation necessary. This makes chairside veneers very popular because the procedure is non-intrusive.
  • Completely Reversible: We understand that dental procedures can take a lot of commitment, which is why chairside veneers are so great. They can be removed at any time; you can pursue other dental treatments whenever you’d like.

Why Wait? Try the Simple Way to a Stunning Smile!

V Smile Family Dental is the place to go for compassionate and comprehensive care. Here, you can get a stunning smile quickly and easily with our chairside veneers! Don’t go another day without loving your smile. Contact our office today and schedule your consultation.