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At V Smile Family Dental, we combine the latest in oral health techniques with the greatest dental technology available, like our Digital Smile Design equipment.

With Digital Smile Design, we can create a unique treatment plan that will help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Even better, we can show you what your smile will look like before you even take a seat in our dentist’s chair!

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The Fibonacci Series and The Golden Ratio Of Beauty

Nature contains many examples of beauty from seashells to flowers. Many of these small natural wonders follow a geometrical sequence that humans find visually appealing. Those sequences can be expressed numerically as 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 — the Fibonacci series or “golden ratio of beauty.”

The Golden Ratio and Your Smile

We bring this golden ratio of beauty into our dentistry. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry to enhance the aesthetics of your smile, the process can be as much an art as it is a science. By using the Fibonacci Sequences, we can get a reliable, scientific method to create a beautiful smile which we often refer to as the golden ratio of beauty.

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This means that we make sure your gums, teeth, and lips are all symmetrically balanced. A scientific means to get you a gorgeous grin!

How Does Digital Smile Design Work?

Digital Smile Design is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your ideal smile is achieved as accurately as possible. It is an advanced analysis tool that will take in both your facial features and your dental characteristics and create a digital reference of how your treatments will improve the aesthetics of your smile.

In other words, Digital Smile Design can show us the end results of your dental treatments before any treatment begins! That way you can get the smile you want, how you want it, with a truly unique plan created just for you.

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The Digital Smile Design Process

Each of our treatments starts with a consultation. Digital Smile Design is often used during a cosmetic consultation or exam, in preparation for treatment.

Using x-rays, digital imaging, and 3D images, we’ll analyze and render what your new smile will look like. We can even make real-time adjustments from your feedback, ensuring your smile is just how you want it!

Test Driving Your New Smile

While there is no denying how incredible our dental technology is to create a digital rendering of your ideal smile, we at V Smile Family Dental go the extra step! With our Digital Smile Design system, we can create a mockup of your new smile.

With prepless veneers placed over your natural teeth, you will be able to experience your new smile in your day-to-day life. Only after you are completely satisfied with the result will we move forward with the treatments necessary to make that picture-perfect smile completely yours.

Working Together For a Better Smile

Dr. Vijaya Kallam from V Smile Family Dental is committed to providing personalized care and treatment to her patients. She works closely with each patient to understand their specific needs, concerns, and goals for their dental health.

With the help of advanced technology such as Digital Smile Design and 3D Perfect, Dr. Kallam, formerly Dr. Tippireddy can create a collaborative treatment plan that involves the patient’s input and ensures that their expectations are met.

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She can use these technologies to show patients a 3D digital model of their teeth and gums and create a customized smile design that meets their unique preferences and facial features. This personalized approach allows Dr. Kallam, formerly Dr. Tippireddy, to provide her patients with a more informed and satisfactory experience, helping them achieve optimal dental health and a beautiful smile.

Ready To See the Magic of Digital Smile Design Yourself?

If you or a loved one lives in Frisco or the surrounding areas, the ideal smile you’ve always wanted is just a call or click away. V Smile Family Dental has the Digital Smile Design technology available to create a truly individualized plan that gives you the aesthetically enhanced smile you deserve.

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