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Dental HygienistAre you looking for that picture-perfect million-dollar Hollywood smile? Well, we have great news for you: Digital Smile Design can help you achieve that brand-new smile. Most celebrities and athletes achieve their beautiful, charismatic smiles by starting with a Digital Smile Design.

V Smile Family Dental uses state-of-the-art technology, including our Digital Smile Design for your needs. Digital Smile Design is versatile and provides a complete smile makeover designed around your unique needs. You can see what your future confident smile will look like before getting any cosmetic treatments done.

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You will get a customized treatment plan to get the smile of your dreams with a digital smile design at our dental office. Our skilled dentist will virtually design your smile and choose the treatment plan that suits your smile goals. Frisco and nearby residents can contact our dental experts at 214-872-2700 for a beautiful, charismatic new smile.

Nature’s Code: The Fibonacci and Golden Ratio Of Beauty

Are you curious why certain smiles capture your attention? Nature contains many examples of beauty, from seashells to flowers. Our smile design dentistry has all the answers you need for a confident, charismatic new smile.

Many of these small natural wonders follow a geometrical sequence that humans find visually appealing. The sequences are 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34. Sometimes, people call the Fibonacci series the “golden ratio of beauty.”

The Golden Ratio And Your Smile

Are you struggling to hide your laughter? Don’t hide it; We bring the golden ratio of beauty into our smile dentistry. Our cosmetic dentistry enhances your smile’s appearance and boosts your beauty and self-confidence by using the golden ratio.

smiling couple 1
A young ethnic couple playing on the couch

You can use the golden ratio to determine the position of your teeth, which can bring a beautiful change in your smile. Our smile design dentistry uses the golden ratio to make your smile look far more attractive and more elegant. It can help you get that big job promotion or get or help you meet someone special.

We use the Golden ratio to make sure your teeth, lips, and gums are symmetrical for a stunning appearance.

How Does Digital Smile Design Work?

Digital smile design is the best and latest way to get the smile you deserve. It is an advanced analysis tool that creates a picture keeping your facial features and dental characteristics into account.

See the outcome of a process beforehand. You can get the smile you want with a plan designed just for you and your preferences. Ready for a truly unique, amazing smile at our smile design dentistry?

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The Digital Smile Design Process

The digital smile design process starts with a completely FREE consultation. Top Cosmetic Dentists use Digital Smile Design to create the most perfect smile possible during a cosmetic consultation.

Using x-rays, digital imaging, and 3D images, we’ll analyze and render what your new smile will look like. We can even make real-time adjustments from your feedback, ensuring your smile is just how you want it!

Take Your Brand New Beautiful Smile For A Test Drive!

Our dental technology can create a digital image of your perfect smile. We go above and beyond at V Smile Family Dental to meet your and your family’s dental needs! Our Digital Smile Design system can create a mockup of your future confident smile.

With prepless veneers placed over your natural teeth, you will be able to experience your new smile in your day-to-day life. After you are fully happy with the design, we will only proceed with the necessary treatments to make your smile perfect.

These cosmetic dental procedures not only give you a charismatic new smile but boost your oral health along the way. They can protect your natural tooth from oral health issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

Digital Smile Design Near You!

Dr. Vijaya Kallam from V Smile Family Dental commits to providing personalized dental care for you and your family. She will work closely with you and listen carefully to understand your specific needs, concerns, and goals for your dental health.

Our famous dentist, Dr. Kallam, uses advanced technology like Digital Smile Design and 3D Perfect for smile makeovers. With these tools, she can create a treatment plan incorporating your input and exceeding your expectations!

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She can use these technologies to show you a 3D model of your teeth and gums. She can also create a personalized smile design that matches their preferences and facial features. Dr. Kallam, formerly Dr. Tippireddy, offers great dental care to make you healthier and improve your smile.

Ready To See the Magic of Digital Smile Design Yourself?

Live in Frisco? Want a new smile? Our skilled dentist, Dr. Kallam, can help you achieve it easily. V Smile Family Dental uses Digital Smile Design technology to create a personalized plan to create your new, amazing, charismatic smile.

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