Invisalign® Braces: Why You Should Not Use Mail-Order Aligners

At V Smile Family Dental, we know your smile is more than just appearances. It’s your health, your confidence, and your happiness. We believe in providing solutions that ensure all these aspects. That’s why we’re here to tell you why you probably should not use mail-order aligners.

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Have you been considering mail-order aligners for teeth straightening? It’s understandable—they seem affordable, convenient, and claim to offer a quick solution to your dental needs. However, they may not be the perfect solution they appear to be. At V Smile Family Dental, we believe in offering personalized, professional care that truly meets your needs. 

That’s why we recommend Invisalign® braces from our trusted dental team over mail-order alternatives.

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The Downfalls of Mail-Order Aligners

Many mail-order aligners, like Smile Direct and Byte Aligners, attract customers with their low upfront costs and convenience. However, the hidden costs and potential risks often outweigh the initial benefits. 

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As your dental professionals, we are dedicated to your oral health and want to ensure you make the best choice for your teeth. Here are some reasons to trust a dental professional with Invisalign rather than trying to straighten your teeth yourself.

You Can NOT Get Orthodontic Acceleration with Mail-Order Companies

Mail-order aligners do not offer the option of orthodontic acceleration like you can get with Invisalign with Dr. Kallam. Orthodontic acceleration is a technique that accelerates the teeth straightening process, and it’s only available through a qualified dentist like Dr. Kallam.

The Impressions May Be Faulty

Creating an accurate dental impression is not a do-it-yourself task. With mail-order aligners, there’s a risk of a faulty impression, which could lead to ineffective treatment or even harm your teeth. Even dental professionals might not get a perfect impression the first time—but they have the training to tell when they need to redo it to get a better result. That is harder to tell on your own.

Clear Braces May Not Work for Everyone

Every mouth is different, and not everyone is a suitable candidate for clear aligners. Only a qualified dentist can accurately determine if this method is right for you.

Your Treatment Is Not Properly Adjusted

One of the major drawbacks of mail-order aligners is the lack of regular checkups and adjustments by a qualified dentist. This could lead to ineffective treatment and prolonged teeth straightening time.

Mail-Order Technology Is Usually Outdated

At V Smile Family Dental, we use the latest Invisalign® technology for our patients. Unfortunately, mail-order aligner companies often use outdated technology, which is cheaper but may not provide the best results.

Mail-Order Could End Up Costing You More

While mail-order aligners may seem cheaper initially, the added costs of scans, x-rays, and potential issues arising from faulty treatment could end up costing you more in the long run.

You May Need to Pay for Separate X-Rays, Scans, or Impressions

With mail-order aligners like Smile Direct or Byte Aligners, the cost might seem lower initially. But, these costs often don’t account for separate x-rays, scans, or impressions that you may need to pay for, driving up the total cost.

Mail-Order Aligners Can Mess Up Your Bite!

The worst risk of mail-order aligners is that they may make your problem worse than it is to begin with! Improper treatment without the oversight of a qualified dentist like Dr. Kallam could potentially lead to issues with your bite, causing discomfort and potentially leading to other oral health issues. 

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When this happens, you’ll still need to visit a professional dentist or orthodontist to fix the problems that were created by the mail-order kit. Often the problems could be more costly to fix than if you had gone to a professional in the first place.

The Benefits of Professional Orthodontic Treatment 

Choosing professional orthodontic treatment over mail-order alternatives provides several key benefits:

  • Tailored Treatment: Every mouth is different. Professional treatments like Invisalign® braces are customized to your unique dental structure, ensuring optimal results.
  • Professional Supervision: With Invisalign® braces, you’re under the care of an experienced dentist like Dr. Kallam the whole time. Regular checkups ensure your treatment is progressing as planned, preventing unexpected issues. If problems arise, Dr. Kallam can find them and make adjustments to get your treatment back on track.
  • Advanced Technology: Unlike mail-order services, professional orthodontic treatments leverage the latest technology for the most efficient and effective results.
  • Orthodontic Acceleration: With professional care, you can access Orthodontic Acceleration, a method that can significantly reduce treatment time, potentially making your teeth straight in just 90–120 days.
  • Effective for Complex Cases: Mail-order aligners might not work for everyone, especially those with complex dental issues. However, Invisalign® braces can handle a wide range of teeth straightening needs.
  • Cost-Effective: Despite the seemingly low upfront cost of mail-order aligners, hidden costs can add up, potentially making them more expensive in the long run.
  • Protect Your Bite: Poorly fitted mail-order aligners can mess up your bite, leading to additional dental issues. With professional care, your bite will be protected.
  • Boost Your Confidence: A well-managed professional orthodontic treatment not only results in a beautiful, straight smile but can also boost your confidence.

Choosing Invisalign® at V Smile Family Dental ensures you get the best care and result for your smile. We provide a detailed consultation, accurate impressions, regular checkups, and adjustments by Dr. Kallam. You’ll also have access to Orthodontic Acceleration and the latest technology in teeth aligners.

Don’t Compromise On Your Smile—Choose Professional Care Over Mail-Order Aligners!

Don’t let the allure of convenience compromise your oral health. With V Smile Family Dental, you can expect comprehensive, personalized, and effective teeth straightening treatment with Invisalign® braces.

Call today to schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Kallam at V Smile Family Dental. We’re here to help you make the best choice for your teeth.