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Learn More About Porcelain Veneers

With porcelain dental veneers, our team of dental professionals can take your smile from dull and damaged to brilliant and attractive. At V Smile Family Dental, our Frisco cosmetic dental services include popular and effective porcelain veneers for creating dream smiles with minimally-invasive care and without a complex or extensive treatment plan.

Creating New Smiles with the Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

While there are many ways to create a new aesthetic for your smile with dental procedures, such as crowns or bonding, veneers offer a more predictable and long-lasting solution to common aesthetic problems, such as discolored or broken dental enamel and teeth that are different sizes.  Dental crowns require teeth to be significantly shaved down prior to treatment and dental composite bonding many not last for years, especially if you are hard on your teeth.

Dental veneers, however, require only minimal tooth preparation and can provide a durable cosmetic treatment option with proper at-home care. During treatment planning, our dentist discusses benefits of treatment and available options to help meet your expectations. We then create study models with wax mock-ups that help us demonstrate what your new smile will look like and we can make any adjustments on mock-ups as needed to truly personalize your treatment plan.

Natural Results with Veneer Therapy

While other varieties of veneers, such as no-prep, are only intended for patients with a specific and rare set of concerns, porcelain dental veneers can do more to change the shape and color of teeth. Veneers are made to be wafer thin but are still thick enough to camouflage deep discoloration so your smile looks several shades whiter. By first buffing a slight amount of natural enamel, less than one millimeter, our cosmetic dentist can use veneers to make small teeth look appear appropriately sized next to surrounding teeth. This preparation process also allows veneers to make your teeth look straighter.

Our goal in utilizing veneers to help patients achieve their dream smiles is to create the most natural looking aesthetic possible.  To fabricate your veneers according to precise requirements, V Smile Family dental uses a local lab that that specializes in veneers. When your veneers come into our office, we have a lab professional ready to provide custom shade matching. With personalized shade creation, your veneers will create a flawless and seamless complement to the rest of your smile.

Schedule your Veneers Consultation at our Frisco Dental Office

If you’re embarrassed about the appearance of your smile due to misalignment, mis-matched tooth size, or cracked and chipped teeth, veneers from our Frisco, TX cosmetic dental office can provide an all-in-one solution. To learn more about what veneers can do for you, contact V Smile Family Dental to speak to a member of our team can schedule your next appointment.