Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Frisco, TX

At V Smile Family Dental, we work to save teeth that have been compromised by decay. Our dentist provides root canal therapy for patients in the Frisco area. If you are experiencing the uncomfortable symptoms of an infected tooth, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

The Procedure

The primary goal of all root canals is the preservation of the original tooth. If the affected tooth is left untreated, extraction may be necessary, which could then lead to more expensive measures. To prevent this, the infected pulp and nerves inside the tooth must be removed. We first perform an x-ray-assisted exam to determine the rate of infection before moving on to the procedure.

Post-Root Canal Maintenance

After treatment, your tooth will need to be restored in order for you to resume comfortable function. As a metal-free dental office, V Smile Family Dental offers porcelain crowns, which serve as a functional cap. Porcelain resembles the natural appearance of teeth, returning both beauty and functional health to the treated tooth. Once you have healed from the procedure you will be able to chew and smile comfortably.

Possible Causes & Preventative Measures

While it may be difficult to know exactly how your tooth was damaged, there are several occurrences that can potentially lead to the infection of the pulp inside your teeth:

Deep Decay
Facial Trauma
Cracks or Chips in the Tooth
Past Treatments

If left untreated, infected pulp and nerves in your teeth can compromise other elements of your health.
In order to prevent the need for root canal therapy, it’s highly important to maintain consistent oral hygiene habits. Seeing your dentist every six months, along with brushing and flossing daily, can go a long way toward preventing oral infection and disease. If you live an active lifestyle, wearing a mouth guard is recommended, as playing sports can lead to injury.

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To find out more about how root canal therapy can restore your smile, contact V Smile Family Dental today to schedule an appointment. Our highly-trained staff work with you to make the procedure as effective and comfortable as possible.