Mini Dental Implants

dental workAre you looking for a comfortable dental implant procedure? Do you want an implant that gives you faster results than a regular dental implant? Are you afraid of bone grafting surgery?

V Smile Family Dental offers you mini dental implants to restore your smile and confidence.
Now, you can smile confidently with natural-looking teeth that feel great without embarrassment or hesitation.

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Opting for mini dental implants at V Smile Family Dental, supervised by Dr. Kallam, provides numerous benefits for you. It acts as teeth replacement roots to provide you with a strong foundation for fixed or removable dentures that resemble your natural teeth.

Mini dental implants are a cheaper and less invasive option for improving your smile and dental health. They’re smaller than traditional implants and a solid choice for you, especially if you do not want traditional dental implants due to your low bone density.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are a modern and minimally invasive procedure for people who have lost at least one tooth. Mini implants usually don’t need invasive procedures like bone grafting, which some patients need for traditional dental implants.

At V Smile Family Dental, we provide smaller implants, which are convenient for you if you have less bone density or bone tissue. The mini implant is a small post that can support your new tooth. It is strong and improves the look and health of your teeth. It does not require complicated treatments.

Benefits of Mini Implants at V Smile Family Dental

Choosing dental mini implants at V Smile Family Dental under the care of Dr. Kallam offers several advantages.

  • First, these implants are minimally invasive, meaning less discomfort and quicker recovery time for you.
  • Bone grafts are usually unnecessary, which is excellent news if you have low bone density.
  • The affordability of mini dental implants also makes accessing this innovative tooth replacement option easier.
  • The mini dental implant gives you faster results compared to traditional implants.
  • There is no chance of tooth decay as the implants are high-quality titanium.
  • Mini implants are smaller than traditional implants, so they need less bone mass.

Dr. Kallam uses a less invasive method that helps you have a stress-free experience. It also does not affect your daily routine.

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How Do Mini Implants Work?

dental modelMini implants work as a strong base or root for your new teeth. They are small posts, much like a screw, that our expert dentist, Dr. Kallam, places into your jawbone in the spot where your teeth are missing. Placing them in position is less complex and can be done more quickly because they are smaller than traditional dental implants.

Once our skilled dentist places the mini implant, it needs time to bond with the bone tissue, creating a secure and solid support for your new tooth. The replacement tooth, which looks and feels like your natural teeth, is attached to the top of the mini implant. This provides a comfortable and long-lasting solution to help with eating, speaking, and maintaining excellent dental health.

Do Mini Implants Work With Dentures?

You can use mini dental implants to support your dentures. This technique is known as an “implant-supported denture”. Our skilled dentist places mini implants in your jaw where they act as roots for your dentures, a more stable option than traditional dentures.

You won’t have to worry about the dentures slipping or coming loose while talking or eating. The mini implants attach directly to the base of your dentures, holding them in place firmly. This process does not just improve comfort but also helps to preserve bone tissue by providing stimulation similar to natural teeth roots.

Why Choose Mini Dental Implants?

People are attracted to mini dental implants for a variety of compelling reasons.

  • Unlike traditional dental implants, mini implants often eliminate the need for invasive surgery such as bone grafting.
  • It is easy to maintain the hygiene of mini implants.
  • You can eat your favorite food, and there is no need to follow a specific diet plan.
  • You can go to social events without worrying about slipping implants.
  • It gives a natural look and enhances your appearance.

How Much Do Mini Implants Cost?

The cost of mini dental implants may vary based on your unique needs and the number of implants. However, they are generally a more affordable option compared to traditional dental implants, offering you a cost-effective solution.

We work with your insurance company at V Smile Family Dental to maximize your reimbursement or implant expenses. We also offer you easy and affordable financing, which means you can pay for your treatment costs in monthly installments.

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