Milestones Child’s Dental Development

You remember all the big moments. Like the first time they crawled across the living room floor, their first word, and of course, the very first time you held them in your arms. There are other big moments to be mindful of though – and they all have to do with your child’s dental development. Certain milestones happen at certain times. Wondering what you can expect and when? This timeline will give you a solid understanding of the big dental moments.

Let’s start with the first year. Your child’s first year of life is jam-packed with milestones, notable moments, and firsts. Everything is new and exciting…. but for parents, it can be a little scary. You don’t always know what is normal and what is not. So, what should you be expecting? In the first year, teething and tooth development begins. Teething typically starts between four and seven months. During this time, the gums will be red and swollen and your child will likely experience discomfort as baby teeth begin to cut through their gums. At about eight or nine months, your child’s first teeth will start to come through. You should see the first two appear on the bottom. The first upper teeth will begin to come through at about ten months or so. Between months eleven and twelve, two more bottom teeth should make an appearance.

Now for the dental milestones, you can expect in the second year of life. Their baby teeth should continue to fill in, with two more upper teeth (usually right next to the middle teeth) coming in by their first birthday. Something to keep in mind? If no teeth have started to come in by then, book an appointment with your dentist. A professional will let you know whether the developmental delay is normal or if it is something to be concerned about. By fifteen months, the molars should come in on the bottom, and by the time your child is eighteen months, you should see the canine teeth on both the top and bottom rows. Once your child has reached the age of two, their other molars should have grown in as well.

Remember: the exact timeline can vary from child to child. However, once they have reached the age of three, all baby teeth should be completely grown in. They will remain in place until the age of six or so. After that point, the baby teeth will start to fall out one by one. This process can take a while. It may not be finished until they are eleven or twelve years old – depending on their developmental growth. Once they reach the age of twelve, you can expect all of their adult teeth to have come in – except for the wisdom teeth. A tip? Always double-check with your dentist to make sure their milestones are happening at a safe and normal rate.

There are certainly a lot of milestones to pay attention to. Whether it is their dental development, growth spurts, or all of those exciting firsts, being a parent means keeping a close eye on any and all changes. Communicate with your dentist and keep this timeline in mind…. it will help you stay informed and put your mind at ease.

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