How Parents Can Establish Healthy Dental Habits At Home

Parents are teachers. Their guidance will show children the difference between right and wrong. It also ensures that their children establish healthy habits. This makes it especially important for parents to focus on proper dental hygiene. It is a vital part of a child’s overall health. Without it, children become susceptible to serious issues like dental carries, cavities, and infections. The reality is this: habits developed during childhood stay with children as they move forward into adolescence and adulthood. So, how can parents establish healthy dental habits at home? Simply follow these tips.

The first thing to do? Make dental health a priority at home. This is an absolute must. It is a sad truth. Many parents do not give a lot of thought to the oral health of their children. This is primarily due to common misconceptions. Some feel that because baby teeth fall out they do not require the same amount of care as permanent teeth. This is a myth! While the teeth themselves may fall out, improper care can still impact their gums and overall dental health. From infancy to adulthood, proper dental care matters.

That means it is time to establish those healthy habits. Doing so can result in a lifetime of positive choices. Starting early is key. Developing a routine of wiping their gums, brushing their teeth, and eventually teaching them how to brush and floss on their own will give them the tools they need moving forward. This will put one crucial thought into their heads: dental health is important. Make it a priority, teach them the essentials, and follow up. These are the most effective ways to care for their dental health.

Another way to establish healthy dental habits at home? Talk about the dentist. A lot of children are afraid of visiting children dentists because they don’t know what to expect. Ease their worries by starting at home. Have a conversation about the dentist. Or even a few conversations. Explain what he or she will do, what their experience will be like, and be sure to mention that the dentist will make their teeth strong and healthy. Talk about the dentist in a positive way at home. Not just before a dental visit but all the time! This will make a big difference in the way they view the dentist – and their general feelings about oral health.

It is also important to focus on diet. While seemingly unrelated, the food you give your child can have a serious impact on their overall health. Tooth decay and dental carries are some of the most common health issues facing children today. Those issues are directly linked to sugary foods, fizzy drinks, and too much juice. Sugars can remain on the teeth and gums therefore causing decay or carries to occur. Parents need to attempt to limit their child’s sugar intake in addition to establishing a regular brushing routine.

Parents play a major role in the health and well being of their children. When it comes to dental care, remember that it starts at home. Give your children the tools they need to succeed, have a conversation about the dentist, and limit sugary foods and drinks. Establish healthy habits now…. and their overall health will benefit.

Sean Shen understands the importance of establishing healthy dental habits. He has worked on many people over the years, practising both pediatric and family dentistry. It is his extensive knowledge that allows him to understand the needs of his patients.