How Dental Implants Work

Dental Implants are the perfect solution if you’re missing a single tooth or multiple teeth. A dental implant is an advanced dental treatment designed to resemble your natural teeth’ function and appearance.

At V Smile Family Dental, our expert dentist, Dr. Kallam, uses dental implants to replace missing teeth and provide a strong base for your replacement tooth. They are solid and help you chew food, speak better, and smile more confidently. They will give you a charismatic, beautiful smile that will boost your self-confidence.

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Our experienced dentist, Dr. Kallam, places these implants in your jawbone when you have missing teeth, and they support new teeth that resemble your original ones. Unlike traditional dentures, dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. Dental implants can give you a new smile and boost your confidence.

Dental Implants Process

At V Smile Family Dental, getting dental implants involves critical steps. First, you must schedule a FREE consultation with our skilled dentist, Dr. Kallam. She will check your gums and jawbones to ensure they are healthy enough for the dental implant. If everything looks good, she will schedule your procedure.

During your treatment, we will provide you with local anesthesia so you won’t feel pain and discomfort. Our dentist will place the implant in your jawbone, where your missing tooth was.

It’s like getting a new tooth root. After the implant is in place, you wait a few weeks for it to bond with surrounding tissues and the bone. This is a process known as osseointegration.

After your gum tissue heals and the implant is secure, our expert dentist will put a fake tooth or crown on top. This will give you new teeth that function like real ones with a charismatic new smile!

Preparing for Dental Implant Placement

There are some essential steps to prepare for dental implants. Our skilled dentist will ask about your medical history to ensure you are a good candidate for dental implants. Sometimes, if your jawbone isn’t thick enough, you might need a bone graft to support your new teeth before placing the implant.

Treatment for Dental Implants

The day you get dental implants is a big step toward a full smile. First, our dentist will give you local anesthesia so you don’t feel pain during the implant surgery. Then, she will make a small cut in your gum tissue to reach your jawbone. Our skilled dentist then carefully puts the dental implant in the bone where your missing tooth used to be.

If you need more than one implant, she’ll do this for each missing tooth. After the implant is in place, she closes the gum over it and starts to let it heal. This part of the dental implant procedure takes little time.

Placing the Abutment and Crown

After the implant has bonded to your jawbone, the next step is to attach an abutment and a crown, which is the part that looks like a natural tooth. Our dentist then attaches the abutment, a small connector post to hold your new tooth.

After that, our dentist will make a crown, an artificial tooth that looks and feels like a natural tooth. They will match the color and shape of your other teeth. Once the crown is ready, it is fixed onto the abutment, giving you a new tooth that allows you to eat, talk, and smile confidently.

How Many Years Will Your Dental Implants Last?

implant graphicDental implants are designed to last a lifetime, but their longevity can vary based on several factors.

  • First off, what kind of implant you get matters a lot.
  • Avoiding hard foods is a good idea—think twice before going for that jaw-breaker candy!
  • Plus, you have to keep up with brushing and flossing just like you would with regular teeth.
  • If you grind your teeth while sleeping and don’t use a night guard, your implants might not last as long.

According to experts, if you carefully treat your dental implants, they could be with you for a lifetime.

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Why Choose Dental Implants?

At V Smile Family Dental, we replace your missing teeth using titanium roots that fuse to the jawbone, acting like natural teeth for biting and chewing. They provide many dental benefits, such as maintaining jawbone health and preventing bone loss and facial sagging from tooth loss.

Unlike bridges, implants don’t affect adjacent teeth. They offer a lifelong, cost-effective tooth replacement solution with high-quality materials and good oral hygiene.

Who Places Dental Implants?

An experienced dentist and oral surgeon can perform dental implant surgery. Our expert dentist, Dr. Kallam, who is trained in implant dentistry, places implants carefully for successful results. Our oral surgeon will handle mouth and jaw surgeries, including bone grafting for extra support.

An expert dentist focuses on gum disease treatment and implant placement. We also customize your crowns and bridges according to your unique needs. We are a dentist who aligns with your needs and has a successful implantation history.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Dental implant costs can vary based on materials, number of implants, and your unique needs.
The cost may increase if more procedures like bone grafting, extractions, or tissue grafts are needed. V Smile Family Dental works with your insurance company to learn about your health insurance plan to maximize reimbursement of your treatment cost.

Some dental insurance plans may not cover implants completely, so checking your insurance benefits is essential. We provide easy, affordable financing and payment plans; you can pay in easy, interest-free monthly installments.

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