Fixed Implant Bridges

man outdoors campingFixed implant bridges are ideal for you if you have several gaps in your smile. It can change your life.

The fixed implant bridges replace multiple teeth with just one implant, giving you a beautiful, charismatic, and confident smile. At V Smile Family Dental, our expert dentist, Dr. Kallam, provides teeth that look, feel, and work like natural teeth.

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It is essential to tackle tooth loss promptly to preserve your bone density. It is an easy way to improve your chewing functionality and aesthetics. Our skilled dentist carefully replaces your entire row of missing teeth without pain.

Benefits of Fixed Implant Bridges

At V Smile Family Dental, Dr. Kallam provides expert care in the placement of fixed implant bridges. These bridges have several advantages, including.

  • Their stable fit avoids the slippage often associated with removable toothbridges.
  • Fixed implant bridges do not need surrounding teeth for support, keeping the remaining natural teeth healthy.
  • They are an excellent long-term investment in your smile, as they are designed to last many years with proper care.
  • It can change your life because you will look great and dramatically boost your confidence.

Dr. Kallam ensures that your dental implant is placed accurately and comfortably. It improves your dental health and gives you a lifelong, natural-looking smile.

Types of Dental Bridges

  • Single Implant Bridges: It is ideal for replacing a single missing tooth. It involves implant placement in the bone, with a dental crown attached to simulate a natural tooth.
  • Multiple Implant Bridges: This is used when more than one tooth is missing. This replacement can fill in for multiple missing teeth, and two or more implants can support it.
  • Full Arch Implant Bridges: Our expert dentist designs these bridges to replace all teeth in an upper or lower arch. This choice needs many implants for support and provides complete teeth replacements.
  • Temporary Implant Bridges: These are often utilized as a temporary solution while a final dental bridge is being crafted. These help maintain the aesthetic and function but are meant for short-term use.
  • Arch Implant-Supported Bridge: This type of full-arch restoration can replace multiple teeth. It is supported by implants, which firmly secure the bridge, promoting better oral health and comfort.

Dr. Kallam at V Smile Family Dental will advise you on the best tooth replacement removable bridge treatment option to restore your smile.

The Process of Restoring Your Amazing Confident Smile!

FREE Consultation

Fixing your implant bridge begins with a completely FREE consultation with our expert dentist, Dr. Kallam. She thoroughly determines whether you are a good candidate for a fixed implant bridge.

Implant Placement

After determining that you are a good candidate for the procedure, implant placement is the next step. This involves inserting a small, strong post made of biocompatible materials into your jawbone where teeth are missing.


Over time, the post becomes part of the bone, creating a solid base for the new artificial teeth. This is called osseointegration. The healing process may take time for better results.

Tooth Replacement

After healing, the final dental bridge, crafted to match your natural teeth in color and shape, is securely fastened onto the implants using dental cement.
This results in a stable artificial tooth replacement that allows for normal chewing and speaking, and it blends seamlessly with the rest of your teeth, enhancing your smile and oral health.

Follow-Up Appointments

We will schedule regular check-ups to ensure the bridge and nearby teeth are healthy and the restoration lasts.

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Dental Care For Implant Bridges

Caring for your fixed implant bridge is simple and helps ensure it lasts long. It is essential to keep both your bridge and surrounding teeth clean. Brushing twice daily with a soft-bristle toothbrush and using dental floss or an interdental cleaner helps prevent plaque buildup.

Remember to clean under and around the artificial teeth as well. Regular dental check-ups with Dr Kallam are essential. She will check your tooth bridge and ensure it still fits well. By taking care of your oral health, you are taking care of your whole smile.

Dental Bridges vs. Dental Implants

Dental bridges are less invasive and have a shorter treatment period. These are preferred when adjacent teeth may need crowns in the future. However, they involve grinding down healthy teeth to support the temporary bridge part, which is a downside.

Dental implants offer long-term benefits without damaging surrounding healthy teeth. They integrate with the jawbone, preserving bone density and natural tooth function. Implants have a lower risk of causing cavities on supporting teeth but require good oral health and a more extended healing period.

Dental Bridge Cost

The cost of a fixed implant bridge can vary widely based on factors such as the number of missing teeth and your case’s complexity.

They can prevent the need for future dental work that may arise from using traditional dental bridges. At V Smile Family Dental, we offer various payment plans and financing options to make the procedure more accessible.

We also work with your dental insurance company to provide you with a maximum reimbursement of your treatment cost.

Investing in a fixed implant bridge is a financial decision that benefits your health, well-being, and confidence.

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