Dental Bone Grafting

older man smilingBones are crucial for your body as they provide support, facilitate movements, and protect your various organs. In the case of the mouth, jaw bones provide a strong base for teeth, jaw movement, and holding your facial muscles in place. With time or due to tooth loss, the bone density may decrease, which leads to bone loss and requires bone grafting.

V Smile Family Dental offers bone grafting treatment, which is essential for implants and replacement teeth. The bone grafts are used as filler for healing and bone formation.

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Our expert dentist, Dr. Kallam, uses bone grafting as a special dental treatment to replace bone in your jaw. This is important for you if you have lost part of the bone around your teeth because of gum disease or tooth extraction. Sometimes, when you lose bone in your jaw, you need a bone graft to replace bone loss so that dental implants can fit properly.

This treatment helps to grow new bone so that the bone healing your mouth can be healthy and strong to support dental implants or fix bone problems.

What Is a Dental Bone Grafting?

A dental bone graft is a simple way Dr. Kallam uses to add new bone where it’s missing in your mouth. If you have a spot where a tooth was before and now doesn’t have enough bone, our dental bone graft can fill that space. Sometimes, you have to bone graft a tooth placeholder for an implant.

Our experienced dentist can take the bone from your body, or sometimes they use material that is not natural bone. This helps to strengthen your jaw to hold the implants and gives you a healthy and confident smile.

Bone Graft for Dental Implants

You may go for bone grafting when you need a dental implant because you have lost a tooth. Our skilled dentist will thoroughly examine if you have enough bone density to hold a new tooth. If there is not enough bone, she will suggest bone grafting. With the help of bone grafting, a new bone or a material is put into your missing tooth space to make the bone strong for the dental implant.

After the bone graft heals, the dentist can insert an implant to replace the missing bone. This will improve the function and appearance of your teeth. Grafting for dental implants will help you get strong bones in your jaws and beautiful, charismatic new smiles for a lifetime.

How Does Dental Bone Grafting Work?

A dental bone grafting procedure with Dr. Kallam starts with a completely FREE consultation. Dr. Kallam will look at your jaw bones using X-rays to see if a graft is the best choice for you.

The doctor carefully performs the procedure and will provide you with anesthesia to avoid pain and discomfort. Dr. Kallam may replace the missing bone with tissue from your body or a unique bone-like material in the gum tissues. The grafting may be combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which uses your blood to heal and regenerate bone cells.

It can take time for the bone graft material to fully blend in with the natural bone in your mouth. Once it is strong and healed, your jaw will be ready for a dental implant or to have good oral health.

After Care for Bone Grafting Treatment

After a bone grafting procedure is done, caring for the area is very important for healing. Dr. Kallam will give you instructions that you need to follow, like what to eat and how to clean your mouth.

  • You must take the medicines given by the dentist to avoid pain and infection.
  • Rest is recommended after the bone graft surgery.
  • During the healing period, visit our experienced dentist for a follow-up to ensure everything is going right.

Can a General Dentist Perform Bone Grafting?

Yes, a general dentist can perform bone grafting surgery as it is a standard and simple treatment that does not involve severe side effects. An oral surgeon or perodontist can also perform this procedure.

Cost of Bone Grafting

The cost of a bone graft can vary depending on your unique condition, such as complexity, type of graft, and material used. The cost of auto grafting and donor material is also included in the treatment charges.

At V Smile Family Dental, we provide easy, affordable financing and work with your insurance company to maximize reimbursement for your treatment cost.

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Types of Bone Grafts

Different types of bone grafts are tailored to meet your dental reconstruction needs. Here are the primary graft types:

  • Alloplasts: These are man-made graft materials that can blend with natural bone because they share properties similar to human bone.
  • Autografts: This is bone sourced from the patient’s body, like the hip or chin. Many consider this the gold graft standard because of its high success rate and compatibility.
  • Allografts: This is bone sourced from a human donor. This type of surgery does not require an additional incision on the patient. We handle it with care to ensure safety and minimize the risk of rejection.
  • Xenografts: This is grafting originating from species other than humans, commonly from bovine sources. We specially treat these grafts to ensure compatibility and safety.

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