Life at a Cost but Inspirational at its Best

This story is about my experience with an older lady that both saddened and inspired me. This fine lady was in her late 70s, if I remember right. Let’s call her Alice. She was accompanied by her oldest daughter. Alice had been complaining of tooth ache and had not been eating well and her daughter … Read More

Need These Teeth Fixed Yesterday

Being a good dentist is about listening to my patients and giving them what they want. But, there are also times when I must refuse to do what my patient wants. This is a story about one of those times when I said “No” to a patient’s request, contradicting the views I expressed last time. … Read More

The Single Tooth Fix

Here’s a little bit about me. The best thing that could have happened to me is a life where I would be sitting and relaxing at a beachside resort while reading a good book all day, every day. But since this is reality and not a reality show, the next best thing happened to me … Read More