Keep Your Smile Boo-tiful This Halloween

Here are some tips and tricks to make this year’s Halloween a treat for your teeth! With Halloween quickly approaching, the stores are already full of costumes and candy. If you have braces, Halloween can be like looking in the window of a haunted house – you want to go in, but you know you … Read More

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby

With a little help from your dental team, a healthy mouth during pregnancy is something that’s easy to deliver. Pregnancy is an exciting time for any woman, but it is also full of a seemingly endless list of do’s and don’ts. Thankfully, there have been incredible advancements in the dental field that help make your … Read More

Not Just Pulp Fiction: The Truth About Dental Abscesses

What is an Abscess? An abscess is an infection. There are two types of dental abscesses. A periapical abscess, which happens at the root of a tooth and a periodontal abscess which happens in the gum. A periapical abscess can occur when decay gets into the nerve chamber, killing the nerve and pulp tissue. Sometimes … Read More

Electric Toothbrushes Offer One More Reason to Smile

Electric toothbrushes are an excellent idea for everyone, but for people with arthritis, cognitive impairments or those who have suffered a stroke, an electric toothbrush can be a little breath of independence that gives a boost of self-confidence. Little has changed design-wise in the 2,000-plus years since toothbrushes have been around. Even the Ancient Babylonians … Read More

Why do Some Dental Cleanings Cost More?

Not all dental cleanings are created equal. Find out why some hygiene appointments cost more than others and learn how you can save time and money in the dental chair. A “regular” cleaning is clinically called prophylaxis or a prophy cleaning and is a preventative measure to prevent periodontal disease. It includes removing plaque and … Read More

The River Within

Everybody loves the brilliance of a friendly smile and the pleasure of chewing their favorite foods. But in the 1990’s, researchers discovered a correlation between gum disease and other health problems, including heart disease. Over the last 30 years, evidence has continued to link oral and general health. Here’s a fascinating look at what we … Read More

Goodbye Cavities?

Every year, Over 175 million teeth are filled in the U.S. to repair damage from cavities. A blend of bacteria, sugar, and immune factors create a complex process that affects the quality of life in every age group. Did you know that researchers are uncovering innovative methods that could make traditional fillings a practice of … Read More

Soda, Sports Drinks, and Teeth

Did you know that Americans drink nearly 45 gallons of soda and sports drinks on average every year? Teeth are made of the hardest substance in your body and withstand a lot of chewing and grinding, but sugar and acid from these beverages damage enamel. Every time you step into a mini-mart, you’re faced with … Read More

Power of Positivity

In this wonderful profession of mine, I get to see people from various backgrounds and cultures along with myriad personalities. I guess that’s true for any service industry. I personally believe that dentistry provides the unique opportunity for us to get to know patients on a personal level as we tend to their worst fears … Read More

New Bonds – A Special Family Member

Dentistry sure brings some unexpected perks! Today’s post is about one of the best things that happened to me and my family, thanks to being a dentist. If you’ve read my earlier posts, or know me at all in some way, you can probably tell that I like talking to my patients. Most patients seem … Read More